The New Sizzling Tandoor


409 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 95401



Monday - Saturday

11:30am - 2:30pm
5:00pm - 9:30pm
5:00pm - 9:00pm

For over a quarter of a century Sizzling Tandoor, the premier gourmet Indian food restaurant in the Sonoma Valley Wine Country, has created culinary delights for many locals and tourists. Customers return time and again to enjoy our traditional Tandoori chicken, curries, samosas and nan while exploring our more exotic cuisine from North and South India and our Indo-Chinese fusion cuisine in a relaxing and uplifting ambiance. At Sizzling Tandoor, we understand that restoring our customer’s well-being requires more than just delicious, healthy food; it takes a commitment to delight, which is why you can expect friendly, kind and gracious staff ready to ensure that whenever you experience our restaurant, you will find yourself in better spirits than when you arrived.

What Makes Sizzling Tandoor Different

  • Fresh spices and custom spice blends imported from India
  • Mesquite charcoal fired tandoor – clay pit oven
  • Fresh locally grown organic produce

In Indian culture, all celebrations occur around food. Food, celebration, well-being, closeness to the land and its many crops, and happiness are all tied together. Since we endeavor to represent to our community the very best of Indian culture at Sizzling Tandoor, we strive to bring the richness of this culture to you when you sit at our tables.

India, the land of the enchanted, with its varied cultural practices, is tied by the invisible commonality of its exotic cuisine. It is celebrated for the variety of its dishes based on the artful and intelligent combination of the spices developed over many centuries.

Here at the New Sizzling Tandoor, the chef endeavors to create and provide our guests the delight of authentic cuisine from the famous tandoor. The huge clay oven fueled to intense heat by the mesquite charcoal came to India by way of ancient Persia. At one time tandoor (food prepared in the tandoor) was common in the Northern regions of India, but its popularity has brought this delicacy into every part of India and lately to the Western world…and now to Sonoma County.